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John Yeo Jr.

John has worn a lot of hats in his life.  Like, a bizarrely large number of hats. He's been a U. S. Soldier, a blackjack dealer, a casino pit boss, a blueprint archivist, pharmacy technician, administrative assistant, Blockbuster Video Manager, Wedding DJ, Postal Carrier, Liquor Store well as a wide host of other crappy jobs not worth mentioning!

Currently, he runs a comic book store with his wife. 

He also happens to love telling stories.

He's far less interesting than the characters in his books, but his daughter Cameron thinks he's a tireless super-hero fueled exclusively by pizza, chocolate and Dr. that's okay.  His wife just wants him to stop adding DVDs to his sprawling movie collection before they're all buried in an avalanche of films.


MAMA SAUVETERRE'S CURIOSITY SHOPPE.   He's also written and illustrated a few graphic novels: THE ADVENTURERS and SADIE McSNATCH.

His next project is LADY MAROON,  a five-issue mini-series that he's currently shopping around to a few prospective publishers.   Keep your fingers crossed for him!

John lives with his family in the Chicago region.

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